Red Queen Review

Hello Lovelies,I had been wanting to read Red Queen for a while since I heard about it in the book tube community. After finishing it the other day I knew I would have to write a review on here. PlotMare is a red blood who lives in a world where she is oppressed by silver bloods. Silver bloods are superior as they have 'magic' abilities/powers which make them 'god like'? However Mare has a magic ability where she shoots purple and silver lightning. By the end of the book I had suffered some drama with a Wicked Queen, 2 Evil Prince's and 2 Romances. Overall I would rate the plot a 4/5 it had a very intriguing premise but it was for me very confusing at times as so much was going on at one time. Writing StyleVictoria Aveyard really thought out the plot and the timeline of the book however a few things kept annoying me. I am sorry to say this but the character of Mare was incredible but her inner thoughts didn't always sound like the character - but for me as a re…

Let's Talk! - Birthdays, Old Friends and Back To School!?

Hello lovelies,I feel like I haven't done a let's talk post in awhile so I thought what better time then now!  I hope you are all well and happy, as I am both of those and looking forward to my birthday on Monday. I will be turning 16 for those interested. As I was planning what I am wanting to do for my birthday I was realising that I had neglected my blog. As I slowly have been getting back into blogging I found myself getting back in touch with an old friend of mine who I grew up with. We went to nursery, infants school and juniors school so it has been lovely re-getting to know each other again. This person is fellow blogger ( and youtuber!) Chloe May, she was honestly the kindest person I knew growing up and I am happy to report she is still the same happy and kind person. I highly suggest you going to read her blog here as she is uploading everyday for this month.If any of you are wondering what I am doing for my birthday,  I will be going out on sunday with my friends f…

/ My Handbag Collection / 2016 / Louis Vuitton, Kenneth Cole, etc. /

Hello Lovelies,
Today I wanted to share with you my 'handbag collection' as they are one of my favourite accessories and I have a lot of them, which is why I have selected 6 of my favourites to show you to. So as they are one of my favourite accessories some of these are gifts from my family and friends so I am in no way trying to show off or boast about the bags I have I just thought it might be nice for you my readers to see more of what my sense of style is like.
1.  Louis Vuitton This bag was a gift of my aunt as she was wanting rid of some of her handbags and she knew I would take good care of them so she sent them up north to me from where she lives down south. This is probablies my favourite handbag and my most used one as it goes with everything whether it is dressy or laid back! 
2. Kenneth ColeI purchased this handbag a few weeks ago from TK Maxx and I absolutely love it.  I had been eyeing it up for a few weeks before I decided to splurge on it. To be completely honest …

Current Favourites / Summer / 2016 / ThatWeirdGirlEllie

Hello Lovelies, 

Today I was stumped on what to blog so I was given the idea to do my current favourites from my lovely friend Chloe who has one of the most beautiful blogs I think I have ever seen - thanks again! (Read her blog here and watch her youtube channel here).  I decided to pick five things I have been loving lately.

1. Coffee

I have never been a big coffee lover apart from a good latte. The other day I was shopping and found this coffee on offer and decided to give it a go. It is one of the best coffees I have ever tried especially if you use warm milk instead of just hot water. It is called Carte Noire and it is the original. 

2. Music
Two of my favourite songs currently are from two of in my opinion the most anticipated movies of the summer - Ghostbusters and Suicide Squad. Heathens by Twenty One Pilots and Girls Talk Boys By 5 Seconds Of Summer.  3. Makeup 
I purchased this Tanya Burr Eyeshadow Palette in Hollywood a few weeks ago when I went shopping in Blackpool. I love this…

Summer Bucket List / Beat The BoredomThis Summer / Summer 2016 / ThatWeirdGirlEllie

Hello Lovelies,

I mentioned that I would be making this post in my previous post so today I will be telling you all about my Summer Bucket List and all about beating the boredom that comes in Summer.  I personally think that you don't have to make a physical summer bucket list it is more of a state of mind where if you want to do something you just do it.

1. Go To A Funfair

This one is pretty self-explanatory but I have actually already achieved this one! So on our last day before me and my friends had study leave (by the way we only had one week of study leave) we decided to go to our local funfair. I think I went on a total of 3 different rides but there was very few there so that's my excuse but I did go on those rides multiple times. I even went on the dun...dun...dun... Waltzer but I have really bad IBS and I already had an upset stomach so I was most definitely sick on and after this ride. On the left is a photo of my beautiful friends Megann, Abbie and Bethany.

2. Bake/…

\ 5 Things To Do This Summer \ 2016 \

Hello Lovelies,

I always have trouble coming up with things to do when I am bored and in summer I am more bored than usual so I thought I would make a list of 5 Things you could do this summer,
1. EXPLOREI love exploring new places whether it be a vast woodland or a big bustling city. I enjoy people watching and learning new things about different plants, people, etc. I have already been to two new places that were surprisingly close to where I live yet I had never been to them before last week. These were High Force and a little stream in the middle of the Pennines - so basically the middle of nowhere!! haha. Here is a photo on the right of High Force, one of the biggest waterfalls in the UK - I found even the walk down enjoyable - even if it was the hottest day of the year when I went down to the waterfall. 

2. PICNIC When we went to the pennines we had decided to have a picnic, it was nice doing this as we were
somewhere where my dad had gone growing up and it was interesting as he to…

Let's Talk! - Prom, Work Experience, and Old TV

Hello Lovelies,

It seems every time I have been starting a blog post recently I have been apologising for not uploading frequently enough! Well I had another busy week with work experience and Prom.

For me I found Work Experience really interesting, although there wasn't much work for me to do at my placement the work I did do was incredible. I even got to fill out a life insurance policy for one of the company's clients. The people who I worked with as well were amazing they were so nice to me.

Prom was also very exciting, it was probably one of the best nights ever. Which sounds like an over exaggeration but I personally wasn't very excited for prom a month before but as soon as it was a few days to go I began getting excited. I think I never left the dance floor all night but the food was really bad the less said about that the better! Me and Bethany aka JustOldCuriousMe went together as we both didn't have a date but once at Prom we sure did have a laugh. Our first…